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We build - 100% in-house and with the most innovative technology - fully customizable surf rides and wave machines to offer your customers their ultimate water experience.

We are exhibiting at the IAAPA EXPO Asia

It is great to see our guests -  young and old - having fun on the WaveSurfer. It is really key for the experience we want families to have at our Holiday Park. We can create soo many different experiences and this with only 1 technology.

Kristian Christensen~Projectmanager Lalandia Aquadome Denmark

I’m 100% convinced WaveSurfer was the best possible partner for our project: Karel and his team delivered a very qualitative product in no time: 2 weeks after our official go, the WaveSurfer installation was fully operational – amazing!


Nick Junior~Owner Nicki Surf Aix en Provence, France

WaveSurfer is a great new attraction for our aquatic park, offering our clients an incredible fun and exciting experience.  With WaveSurfer we were able to fully personalise the installation and integrated it seamlessly in the area.

Ocean Park Hong Kong~Jenny Ly

We were playing with the idea of launching a concept where everyone can get to know boarding and surfing for a while.  A cool vibe where people can enjoy quality time with their friends.  We studied the various suppliers in the market and quickly decided to work with WaveSurfer: the width of the surf surface, extreme low and easy maintenance are their USP's. For us, WaveSurfer is the partner with whom we can have the highest ROI.

Philippe~Manager Wave Surf Café Bordeaux, France

Surf Ride

WaveSurfer, great surfing


Our WaveSurfer is developed inhouse by AFP Technology (Aqua Fun Projects), a company run by craftsmen, all passionate about water and… waves. This innovative surf generator creates a unique water experience for young and old, experienced or beginner.



create your perfect wave

Our mission is to provide all your customers with an unforgettable and authentic water experience, anywhere, anytime. Our Wave-Maker is the first underwater wave making installation, 100% safe and completely silent.

Surfing pool

Surf Pool, unique in the world

The first underwater technology that makes waves arise out of the blue. Fully adjustable, whenever you like.

With this technology, a surf pool is being recreated on a floating platform, into which waves roll and break, growing up to two meters high in real life. The scale is one in twenty, which means that the end result will be an artificial surf pool 150 meters long by 100 meters wide, where 80 surfers at a time can ride waves.

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We are a team of professionals who all have a passion for the sport of surfing. Every new and existing concept is born from years of experience and enthusiasm.

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