WaveSurfer, great surfing everywhere

WaveSurfer, great surfing everywhere

Our WaveSurfer is developed inhouse by AFP Technology (Aqua Fun Projects), a dynamic company run by craftsmen, all passionate about water and… waves. This innovative surf generator creates a unique water experience for young and old, experienced or beginner.

WOW experience

100% WOW experience

  • A WaveSurfer offers a unique experience to young and old, skilled or not: everyone discovers the fun of riding a wave. The concept allows - in addition to surfing- more than 20 different animations: bodyboarding, surfing, tubing, waterski, aquagym,...
  • This surf ride is designed in such a way that everyone decides at what height they start to ride the wave. Even the speed of the wave can be adjusted to the experience level of the surfers. From 6 to 86, everyone has a go on a WaveSurfer.
European Quality

European quality, 100% in house production

Each WaveSurfer is developed and assembled from A to Z in our Belgian factory, by our own team of professionals: we’re fully in control of the process. And more importantly, you are sure to receive a product of European top quality!

24/7 worldwide support

  • The surf ride is proven to be maintenance-free. We realize that it is important for you that your customers have a carefree and fun time: an attraction that is out of use due to technical problems is anything but pleasant.
  • So if - in spite of everything - a problem should occur with our WaveSurfer, we are available 24/7 to repair your attraction ourselves in the shortest time possible.
Maximum ROI

Highest return on investment on the market

  • The width of the surf surface is designed so that you can offer a maximum number of people at the same time.
  • The Wavesurfer is accessible to everyone, a broad target audience and not just the happy few who can already surf. This has a positive impact on the turnover you can generate with the exploitation of the WaveSurfer.
  • The use of a wide wipe out zone and sidewalks makes it possible to  coordinate the Wavesurfer with one instructor. Less staff needed has a positive impact on your ROI as a business owner.
  • The WaveSurfer consumes between 160 and 220 kW depending on the level of the surfer. By using the frequency controller, we were able to reduce this consumption by 25%: this also has a positive impact on your operating cost.
Safety first

Safety first

  • The safety of your customers is of the utmost importance, that's why we test our final products extensively. We only rely on recognized organizations (such as TÜV and AIB Vincotte) to perform these technical tests.
  • When designing the wave making machine, safety was key.  The wide wipe out zone (6 meters) at the top and the sidewalks along both sides make it a 100% safe attraction for surfers and the instructor.
Endless flexibility

Endless flexibility

The Wavesurfer can be installed indoor or outdoor, permanently or temporarily.  The installation can be personalized: we adapt the surf ride according to your location and expectations. Thanks to the modular structure you can still expand later.

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We are a team of professionals who all have a passion for the sport of surfing. Every new and existing concept is born from years of experience and enthusiasm. And that is what makes us your reliable partner.