At WaveSurfer, we go the extra mile: we believe in strong partnerships that benefit both parties. So we don't just sell a product but also offer the necessary services to make it a common success.


No nonsense consultancy

No Nonsense


When designing new concepts, WaveSurfer puts the customer first: your guest who is looking for a fun and unforgettable experience but also you as an entrepreneur who want to build a profitable business without worries.  Based on our experience, we can advise you on how to generate maximum profit by offering an ultimate water experience to your customers.

At your service.

Technical Services

Our team of experts have been working in the sector for years: we have knowledge that goes beyond building a surf installation. You can also count on us for technical advice about heating, ventilation, climatization, dehumidification, water treatment … and so much more. We’re at your service!

WaveSurfer Training Academy

WaveSurfer Training


The professional surf instructors at our WaveSurfer Training Academy will give demonstrations, help  your clients and provide training to your staff. This way they ensure that your WaveSurfer is used in the correct way. Moreover, your customers will master the right techniques in no time!

For short rental periods, our WaveSurfer Training Academy will help your visitors in a professional and didactic way. The instructors teach them the basic techniques so that they can take their first steps on a board in no time.

Nicki Surf

Nicki Surf


Nicki Surf is an innovative experience concept where clients enjoy a sublime surfing experience in a casual atmosphere throughout the year.

The indoor surf ride is accessible to young and old, experienced surfer and beginners, a very wide target group! The structure of the WaveMaker ensures that a maximum number of people can enjoy the surf ride simultaneously, interesting for your turnover.

Around the surf ride we create a relaxed laid-back atmosphere of a cool surf club, where your customers can enjoy a snack and drink.

Through years of experience we know which factors are important to build a profitable business.

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We are a team of professionals who all have a passion for the sport of surfing. Every new and existing concept is born from years of experience and enthusiasm.

That is what makes us your reliable partner!