At WaveSurfer we help you create unforgettable experiences for your customers. Experiences that make them stay longer at your location and generate extra income through drinks and snacks. Experiences that they will talk about for a long time and bring new guests to you, experiences that will make them come back to your venue themselves. The surf entertainment of a WaveSurfer really creates a WOW experience for everyone.

We want – based on our vision - surfing to be available for everybody and not only the happy few. Because of the wide sidewalks and wipe out zone, the WaveSurfer is very safe and accessible for both experienced surfers and beginners, young and old. Your guests can enjoy more than 20 different water sports, possible on the same installation.

Whether you want to entertain tourists in a hotel or resort, generate extra income in a water or theme park, reinvent your shopping mall concept or even turn your restaurant into a total experience concept... a WaveSurfer installation can be personalized perfectly to achieve your objective.

Take the traditional shopping malls for example: due to the increasing online consumer purchases, many traditional shopping malls see their visitor numbers dropping. It's time to reinvent your concept and put more experience into the offline shopping. What is more unique than to see people surfing a perfect wave in the middle of a shopping mall! Provide your visitors with that experience and you’ll see them comimg back again and again.

Or imagine a cozy and lively restaurant with a spacious patio and a fountain that people can't take their eyes of. Now replace that fountain with a WaveSurfer and imagine your guests holding your menu in their hands. Guests will eat, play, watch and absorb.

With a WaveSurfer, the surfers have a great experience: they also animate your guests, and they pay you for it!

Talk to the experts

Talk to our experts

We are a team of professionals who all have a passion for the sport of surfing. Every new and existing concept is born from years of experience and enthusiasm.

That is what makes us your reliable partner!