One surf ride is not like another: the underlying technology and material choice has a direct impact on the profitability of your business.

During the development of the WaveSurfer we made sure that the surf surface can be used as much as possible and that the wave rolls over the full width of the surface: this means that you can offer a fun water experience to a maximum of guests at the same time. This also means that in this way you maximize your revenue per (half) hour.

We make our WaveSurfer attractive for the largest audience possible: your target group will therefore become much broader, which again means that you can maximize your earnings. The sidewalks and wide wipe out zone make the attraction very accessible for both experienced and novice surfers, young and old. Also, a broadening of your target group as you can offer more than 20 water sports with only one installation.

The high entertainment level ensures that the public remain standing to observe the spectacle: if you respond to this with a catering point, you can certainly generate an extra income.

Your choice will also have an impact on costs: because of the wide wipe-out zone of the WaveSurfer, you only need 1 instructor to operate the surf ride. With other suppliers of surf rides you often need at least 2 persons, which means double personnel costs..

WaveSurfer fully controls the complete production process and thus guarantees a top European quality installation: easy to maintain. You don't have to call an expensive external supplier with long waiting hours for the maintenance of your WaveSurfer. This also has an impact on your business: a surf ride which is down for days does not generate any income. In the design of the WaveSurfer, we took this into account: the surf surface does not have to be dismantled at all,  e.g. in less than 3 hours, a pump can be replaced, if necessary. 
Minimum downtime means maximum revenue.

The electrical consumption of the surf ride was also optimized: with the use of the frequency controller you use up to 25% less electricity.

The choice of technology and material is indeed important when selecting a surf ride!

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