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Easy maintenance

For the production of the WaveSurfer we use high quality stainless steel: this guarantees a longer life span, is much more hygienic and results in a maintenance friendly surf ride.

The self-supporting structure makes cleaning easier and a visual inspection is possible: the surf surface does not have to be completely dismantled, e.g. to replace the zinc anode.

Of course we also provide a maintenance training to give your surf ride a maximum lifespan.

With WaveSurfer we found the partner who was very flexible, quickly realized a complete personalized surf ride together with us. We are extremely satisfied with the quality of service and product that Karel and his team have delivered. 

Resmesh Joseph~Maintenance manager at Banana Island Resorts and Spas

Quick interventions


We choose not to work with subcontractors for any interventions on our installations.  If a technical problem occurs which you cannot solve yourself, we are at your disposal to take the necessary actions and this within the shortest possible time: we realize that -every hour that your WaveSurfer is standing still- is a lost hour for your turnover.

Our installation is designed in such a way that a technical intervention can be carried out very quickly without having to dismantle the surf surface completely and without having to stop your WaveSurfer for days: for example changing a pump can be done within only 3 hours (possibly before opening of your attraction).

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