WaveMaker, create your perfect wave

WaveMaker, create your perfect wave

Our mission is to provide all your customers with an unforgettable and authentic water experience, anywhere, anytime. Our WaveMaker is the first underwater wave making installation, 100% safe and completely silent.


World's most flexible wave maker

WaveMaker is without any doubt the most flexible technology currently available on the market: you determine the height, interval and shape of the waves. Via an app you can even activate dozens of different pre-programmed waves in a click.

The better the waves, the better the experience…

Create your perfect wave

Create your perfect wave

  • With our innovative underwater technology you create the 'perfect' wave: your visitors imagine themselves in a 'real' ocean. The use of standing waves enhances the realistic effect even more.
  • The WaveMaker makes it possible - as the only one on the market - to generate waves over the entire width of your water feature, just like in a natural environment.

Fully flexible & programmable waves

  • With the WaveMaker technology you can create waves from 20cm (0.6ft) up to 1m (3.2ft) high. Every 3, 4 or more seconds a wave: you decide the wave interval. The shape of the wave can also be determined: diamond, roller, V-shaped,… it’s up to you!
  • The installation also allows you to create waves in only a part of the pool or over the entire water surface. When using different WaveMaker units, you can create - in the same pool - different types of waves at the same time.
  • These preprogrammed waves are easily activated via the WaveMaker app on your smartphone.

Unlimited fun in 1 click

By using the WaveMaker you can - with 1 unit - create different waves for different audiences each time: just cozy bobbing on an air mattress to adventurous waves for rafting or kite surfing. The technology is also used for training and, for example, counter-current swimming. The possibilities are unlimited: with the WaveMaker you can address a wide audience.

No visual disturbance

The WaveMaker unit is completely integrated under water: the visitors of your water attraction will not be bothered by an ugly visible device. Because of this, there is absolutely no noise nuisance either: the WaveMaker is 100 % soundless.

With the WaveMaker, we guarantee a seamless integration in your environment.

Safety First

  • The safety of your customers is of the utmost importance, that's why we test our final products extensively. We only rely on recognized organizations (such as TÜV and AIB Vincotte) to perform these technical tests.
  • At no time, direct physical contact is possible with the unit, not even underwater.

Value for money

  • We are proud of the fact that the WaveMaker was developed according to the strictest quality standards: the installation requires minimal maintenance that you can easily do yourself.
  • The energy consumption is very efficient, which means that you can keep the operational costs low and at the same time create a fun experience for your guests.

Adapted to your needs

  • The WaveMaker can also be installed in already existing pools and lakes, both indoor and outdoor. We customize the installation to any size of pool.
  • The possibilities of the WaveMaker are numerous: a survival WaveMaker, specially designed for training rescue teams or a version especially for small children with waves of 6 cm (0.2ft),...

Talk to our experts

We are a team of professionals who all have a passion for the sport of surfing. Every new and existing concept is born from years of experience and enthusiasm.

That is what makes us your reliable partner!