Our WaveMaker is the first underwater installation, 100% safe and completely silent.


WaveMaker the most flexible worldwide

WaveMaker is without any doubt the most flexible technology currently available on the market: you determine the height, the interval and the shape of the waves.

With one app, you can even activate dozens of different pre-programmed waves with just one click.

The WaveMaker

Technical info

  • Fun waves from 20cm (0.66ft) to 1m (3.2ft) high.
  • Every 3, 4,… or more sec., you decide the wave interval.
  • Multiple wave patterns: diamant, roll, v-shaped and many more waves.
  • In a specific section or scattered throughout the pool (or beach.)
  • Pre-programmed waves easily activated via the "WaveMaker" app on your smartphone.
  • One or more 'WaveMakers': we allow to generate different types of waves at the same time in 1 pool.
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