Wavesurfer Xstream Park

Xstream Park

Collombey, Switzerland

XStream Park, a leisure centre in Switzerland opened its doors in August 2022, featuring the first WaveSurfer™ in Switzerland. Built inside a leisure centre – with amenities ranging from massage services and a lounge area, to a trampoline park, and conference or party zones – XStream Park combines sports, event management, physical therapy, and hospitality to bring the entire WaveSurfer™ concept to life at the foot of the Alps.

An area with a particular affinity for boardsports, XStream Park will offer residents and visitors a year-round indoor alternative to skiing – both as a leisurely substitute, and in the event of reduced snowfall. Situated right beside a ski resort, accessible via public transportation, and only a short drive from a karting centre, the area is a prime location to house the first WaveSurfer™ concept in Switzerland.

Visitors to the centre will have the opportunity to surf with a view over the Alps, while their families trampoline, kick back in the lounge or massage centre, or even work in the conference room. XStream Park’s distinguishing feature is that it offers the opportunity to visit the centre to simply surf the waves, as an all-day activity to keep all members of a family entertained in a safe and controlled environment, or even to house a team building or business event. 

With an investment of approximately 5 million EUR/CHF on the 2000m2 complex, XStream Park is truly built with customer experience and comfort in mind, in order to offer a superior and recurring experience for guests. In Switzerland, precision and quality reign. It is therefore imperative that any contractual partner is able to meet those standards. WaveSurfer™ was selected as the premium partner (after an audit of multiple suppliers), offering the most operational reliability, and able to deliver on the specifications defined by the client (the most exceptional client experience, best ROI, next to highest standards of safety, and the most comprehensive after-care and support package).

Aside from having the largest surf surface with the highest number of people on their waves at any given time, WaveSurfer™ delivers an unmatched European standard of safety and quality. Their installations have the lowest energy consumption; the quickest installation in only 15 days; the shortest downtime required for maintenance; after-sales support directly from the factory of production; and access to the training academy. WaveSurfer™, the world leader in surf concepts, does not simply sell a surf machine, but rather a complete concept to ensure that the WaveSurfer™ experience is a successful fit for all at any family entertainment centre.

A family-run operation, XStream Park is built on the passions and strengths of the Charrière family. After a successful launch of their first complex, they have already set their sights, together with WaveSurfer™, on bringing the XStream Park WaveSurfer™ concept to other regions in the world.

Having a double WaveSurfer from AFP technology was a no brainer for us. The surfable surface it provides is rivaled by no other systems, and therefore gives the best possible experience to our customers for both the Bodyboarding and Surfing.

Team X-Stream Park~