Xflow Albufeira

X Flow, Albufeira


XFlow is the only real surf simulator in Portugal, on the beach of Albufeira, since 2016. The overall concept was launched by FunTrust with the aim of promoting the practice of a new sport that is accessible to all and where fun is guaranteed! 


A double surf simulator

WaveSurfer installed a semi-mobile surf ride. The surf simulator, which sends water up to 30 km/h, creates a flat water surface a few centimetres high, where participants can surf continuously and perform tricks and manoeuvres. It is perfect for all board sports enthusiasts! Ideal for all ages and affordable for those without experience!

Not only did Wavesurfer provide us with a quality surf ride within the agreed timeframe, Karel and his team gave us valuable advice on how to make a stand alone venue profitable. They really know what they are talking about.

Ana Pereira~Operation Manager XFlow

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We are a team of professionals who all have a passion for surfing. Every new and existing concept is born from years of experience and enthusiasm. And that is what makes us your reliable partner.