WaveSurfer 2 jets

Wave Surf Café Bordeaux


Located in the Chartrons district in the Tatry gallery, the Wave Surf Café is a concept bar where you can surf on an artificial wave. This indoor surfing spot welcomes surfers and bodyboarders all year round, with options for novices, beginners and more experienced surfers.

WaveSurfer 2 jets

The best waves all year round

For this location, a WaveSurfer 2 jets built in a concrete tub was chosen. For real boarders and surfers it doesn't get any better than this: a huge surf surface on which they can do all their coolest tricks! But also inexperienced boarders and surfers have a great time on the surf ride. This WaveSurfer guarantees the best waves all year round. Moreover, there are no 'dead' zones: boarding and surfing take place over the entire surface of 68 m².


For a while, we were playing with the idea of launching a concept where everyone can get to know boarding and surfing. A cool vibe where people can enjoy quality time with their friends.  We studied the various suppliers in the market and quickly decided to work with WaveSurfer: the width of the surf surface, extreme low and easy maintenance are their Unique Selling Point's. For us, WaveSurfer is the partner with whom we can have the highest ROI.

Philippe Roger ~General Director Glisse Concept Exploitation

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