WaveSurfer 2 jets

Nicki Surf, Aix-en-Provence


Nicki Surf offers the ultimate attraction in DECATHLON Village in Aix-en-Provence: surfing all year round on a perfect wave. Nicki Surf guarantees a unique surfing experience for both professional surfers and beginners.


WaveSurfer 2 jets

100% safe

Nicki Surf uses a WaveSurfer 2 jets  which intensity is adjustable . It allows beginners to take their first steps on a board in complete safety, but at the same time offers experts the perfect surface to develop new moves.

Underneath the wave is a pool that contains all the water needed to create this paradise. Two pumps project the water from the basin onto the surfing surface at a removable speed.

I’m 100% convinced WaveSurfer was the best possible partner for our project: Karel and his team delivered a very qualitative product in no time: 2 weeks after our official go, the WaveSurfer installation was fully operational – amazing!

Nick Junior~Owner Nicki Surf

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