WaveSurfer 2 jets

Kish Water Park, Kish Island


Kish Water Park is a 5.6 hectare outdoor water park located in Kish Island, Iran.
In Iran, it is the first outdoor and themed water park. The concept is based on a story of the Mystery of the Sun Castle. It opened in 2017 and has a daily capacity of 3.000 people.

WaveSurfer 2 jets

Double capacity for double fun

We’ve installed – without any subcontractors – a WaveSurfer with 2 jets in a concrete pool. The guests can board and surf over the entire width of the surface: a unique selling point for our surf rides. With a surf surface that is 8 meters wide, their customers have plenty of space! A double capacity that give them more than double surfing fun.

The surf simulator is accessible to both beginners and experienced surfers and allows a maximum number of customers to use the attraction at the same time: this was one of the decisive factors for choosing WaveSurfer.

Jaber Mahmoodi~Executive Managing Director

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