Iléo Water Park

Iléo Waterpark, île d'Oleron


This water park is located on the island of Oléron, a French island in the Charente-Maritime department in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.

WaveSurfer 1 jet

Iléo Wave

This water park is a space dedicated to the whole family!  With areas for the little ones so they can discover the pleasure of swimming, but also areas for the older ones with a wave pool, giant slides and of course the Iléo Wave, a WaveSurfer 1 jet surf ride. For this installation we chose the option to use the concrete base.

We were looking for an aquatic attraction that would provide a memorable experience for the visitor but also be an affordable investment for us.  By working with WaveSurfer we are sure to have the best value on the market.

Yannick Machecourt~Director Récréa

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