Down Under, Nieuwegein

the Netherlands

Down Under is an extreme adventure park in Nieuwegein. During the summer, it is possible to lie on the beach, have a drink and a meal, and watch the water skiers and wakeboarders shooting across the water. With its Australian laidback atmosphere, it is the hotspot for watersports enthusiasts.

WaveSurfer 2 jets

Longer season means more revenue.

To extend their season and appeal to a wider audience, the young company invested in an indoor surf ride. The WaveSurfer 2 jets is installed in a concrete construction. This fixed Wavesurfer 2 Jets  guarantees the best waves all year long. Customers can board and surf over the entire width of the surface. With a surf surface that is 8 meters wide, their guests have plenty of space! A double capacity that will give them more than double surfing fun. 

The WaveSurfer surf simulator is perfectly in line with the other adventure water sports we offer. We chose WaveSurfer because they offered us the best price-quality: very important for a young company like ours.

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