Banana Island

Banana Island Resort, Doha


Banana Island Resort Doha is a crescent of golden beach and over water villas just off the coast of downtown Doha. Accessible by private catamaran, escape for family adventures, ocean thrills or serene spa bliss.

WaveSurfer Extreme

Create WOW experiences

This private island is a playground for all ages, with adventures on land and in the water. They take pride in boasting many first and only experiences, from an F1 simulator to floating HamacLands and… the WaveSurfer Extreme with 4 jets. This surf ride is completely personalized for Banana Island: the extreme curve was designed specifically for the resort, fully adapted to their design.

This WaveSurfer Extreme is the ultimate challenge for any surfer. They can show off their extreme tricks and push themselves to the max!

With WaveSurfer we found the partner who was very flexible, quickly realized a complete personalized surf ride together with us. We are extremely satisfied with the quality of service and product that Karel and his team have delivered. 

Resmesh Joseph~Maintenance Manager

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