We are excited to announce the opening of our new WaveSurfer project at the Oasis Waterpark in Billings, USA! 

The Oasis Waterpark proudly unveiled its latest attraction on July 7th: the Ripbreak WaveSurfer, the first of its kind in North America. This innovative surfing experience promises enjoyment for visitors of all skill levels.

Chuck Barthuly, the director of operations at Oasis, shared his enthusiasm for the new installation. "From start to finish, it’s been an amazing experience," Barthuly said. "Karel and his team have done a phenomenal job, ensuring the installation runs smoothly and making sure that we are getting started on the right foot." Barthuly, who has been with Oasis since it opened twelve years ago, highlighted some of the safety-enhancing characteristics of the WaveSurfer. "It has a few unique features that other brands don't have," he explained. "I personally believe that this is the best brand, just in terms of the safety, the experience that you get, and the ease of getting to be successful on it."

The Oasis Waterpark, a project of the Better Billings Foundation in collaboration with Harvest Church, stands as the most extensive outdoor aquatic facility in the Billings area. It continues to innovate and expand its offerings, with the WaveSurfer being the latest example of its commitment to providing top-tier entertainment.

Barthuly first encountered the WaveSurfer concept at the IAAPA expo. Reflecting on his initial meeting with Karel, he said, "When I first met Karel at IAAPA, he had some ideas about how he was going to set himself apart from the other installations, and he has met every objective." The flexibility and customization options of the WaveSurfer have been a standout feature. "One of the things we're really excited about is the ability to change the strength of the pumps," Barthuly noted. "Whether it's a big guy needing more power or a little guy needing a safer experience, we can adjust it right there at our instructor control panel. This makes a big difference in accommodating riders based on their skill level and size."

Safety and guest experience have always been paramount at Oasis, and the WaveSurfer enhances these priorities. Barthuly praised the customer service and support provided by the WaveSurfer team. "The respect that Karel shows to make sure that we are getting off on the right foot and that it's going to be a successful operation has been very meaningful," he said. "I highly recommend WaveSurfer to anybody who's thinking about installing an attraction like this."

The positive feedback from guests has been immediate and encouraging. "Every guest has come here super excited about the opportunity to ride the wave," Barthuly shared. "Parents appreciate the way the staff interacts with their kids, ensuring safety and providing tips to enhance their experience." Barthuly also emphasized the practical benefits of the WaveSurfer's design. "The additional space at the back of the ride makes a big difference. Riders come off smiling, laughing, and having a good time, which is always our goal."

Looking ahead, Barthuly is confident in the continued success of the WaveSurfer at Oasis. "Our experience with WaveSurfer has been amazing from start to finish," he concluded. "The installation went quickly, and the training provided was thorough and enthusiastic. Already, our instructors are seeing great success with our guests, from beginners to those advancing in their surfing skills."

Billings, Montana, may be landlocked, but thanks to the WaveSurfer at Oasis Waterpark, it's now a prime destination for aspiring surfers. For more information about the WaveSurfer and other attractions at Oasis, visit their website.

Isabel Spartz/MTN News

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