Our mission is to provide all your customers with an unforgettable and authentic water experience, anywhere, anytime. Our WaveMaker is the first underwater wave making installation, 100% safe and completely silent. We dare to say that WaveMaker is the most flexible technology currently available on the market: you determine the height, interval and shape of the waves. Via an app you can even activate dozens of different pre-programmed waves in a click…

  • Fun waves from 20cm (0.66ft) up to 3m (9.8 ft) high.
  • Every 3, 4,… or more sec., you decide on the wave interval.
  • Multiple wave patterns: diamond, roller, V shaped and so many more waves.
  • In a specific section or dispersed over the entire pool (or beach).
  • Pre-programmed waves easily activated via the WaveMaker app on your smartphone.
  • One or multiple WaveMakers: we make it possible to generate different types of waves at the same time in 1 pool.

The possibilities are endless: imagine a competition under the same conditions but at several different locations around the world becomes possible with this innovative technology.

Innovative technology
Talk to our experts

Talk to our experts

We are a team of professionals who all have a passion for the sport of surfing. Every new and existing concept is born from years of experience and enthusiasm.

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