Professional wavetechnology used for wavesurfing

The Wavesurfer was developed by AFP Technology (Aqua Fun Projects), a young and dynamic company run by craftsmen who love watersports.

These products all use our advanced wavetechnology :
  • Wavesurfer Mobile
  • Wavesurfer Mobile Compy
  • Wavesurfer Semi-mobile
  • Wavesurfer Single
  • Wavesurfer Double
  • Wavesurfer Triple
  • Wavesurfer Quadruple
  • Wavesurfer Extreme
  • Wavesurfer Skyjump
  • Wavesurfer Floating Dock
  • Wavesurfer Land 360

Our Wavetechnology team consists of professionals who all have a passion for surf sports. Each new and existing product originates in years and years of experience and enthusiasm.

For more information on our wavesurfing products and wavetechnology, please contact us.


Tags: Wave pool surf - Water wave generator - Wave machines - Wave pool design - Surf indoor
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