Wave machines

We offer a wide range of wave machines

Our original and innovative surfgenerator or surfsimulator is a unique water attraction that all people can enjoy!

Take a look at our different wave machines :

  • Wavesurfer Mobile
  • Wavesurfer Mobile Compy
  • Wavesurfer Semi-mobile
  • Wavesurfer Single
  • Wavesurfer Double
  • Wavesurfer Triple
  • Wavesurfer Quadruple
  • Wavesurfer Extreme
  • Wavesurfer Skyjump
  • Wavesurfer Floating Dock
  • Wavesurfer Land 360

There are no limits to our possibilities, every wave machine can be custom-made ! Contact us now for more information.

Wave machines

Tags: Wave pool design - Half pipe ride - Water wave generator - Wave pool surf - Wave maker machine
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