Water wave generator

The Wavesurfer was developed by AFP Technology (Aqua Fun Projects), a young and dynamic company run by craftsmen who love watersports. We offer many different surf installations including a water wave generator.

As our customer, you are the centre of attention! We like a personal approach. What would you like? What are the options? Once we know what you have in mind, we devise a personalized solution. One that is tailored to your needs.

These are a few of our products :

  • Wavesurfer Mobile
  • Wavesurfer Single
  • Wavesurfer Extreme
  • Wavesurfer Floating Dock

Click here to see our entire product range.

For more information about our surf installations and a water wave generator, please contact us.

Water wave generator

Tags: Bodyboard - Wave pool surf - Pool wave generator - Wave pool design - Wave maker machine
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