Pool wave generator

If you’re looking for a pool wave generator ? Look no further cause Wavesurfer is your partner!
The Wavesurfer was developed by AFP Technology (Aqua Fun Projects), a young and dynamic company run by craftsmen who love watersports.

Our original and innovative surfgenerator or pool wave generator is a unique water attraction that all people can enjoy!

Why choose Wavesurfer ?

  • Our surf installations can be placed everywhere: indoor and outdoor, temporarily or permanent.
  • We adapt our products to your location, everything is custom made. 
  • You can choose a permanent, mobile, semi-mobile or floating installation. 
  • You enjoy our products and services worldwide. 
  • Our surf installations are maintenance-free. 
  • You can adjust the water speed all by yourself.
  • You can use our very own Wavesurfer Training Academy. 
  • You enjoy European top quality. 
  • You only have to contact one firm. We do everything for you from start to finish. 
  • You can rely on fast interventions worldwide. 
  • Thanks to the modular structure of the system, you have access to a range of expansion possibilities. 
  • You reach a large audience with the Wavesurfer. From 6 to 86, everyone has a go on the Wavesurfer! 
Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about a pool wave generator.

Pool wave generator

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