About us


The Wavesurfer was developed by AFP Technology (Aqua Fun Projects), a young and dynamic company run by craftsmen who love watersports.

Our original and innovative surfgenerator or surfsimulator is a unique water attraction that all people can enjoy!

Each Wavesurfer is developed and assembled at our factory by our own professionals. This way, we don’t have to involve third parties. And more importantly, you are sure to receive a product of European top quality!

The team
Our team consists of professionals who all have a passion for surf sports. Each new and existing product originates in years and years of experience and enthusiasm. And that is what makes AFP Technology your reliable partner.

Customized products

As our customer, you are the centre of attention! We like a personal approach. What would you like? What are the options? Once we know what you have in mind, we devise a personalized solution. One that is tailored to your needs.


The production workshop is equipped with all the latest technologies and advanced machinery. This is where the Wavesurfer is produced, from start to finish.

First, we show you a 3D-model on screen. Then, we start the production in the workshop. Each piece is produced and finished to the highest standard thanks to our laser. The last step is the assembly of the Wavesurfer at your site.

Did you know that we only use green energy? That is our way of helping the environment!

Because your safety is of the utmost importance, we test our final products extensively. We only rely on organizations that are recognized by the government (such as TÜV and AIB Vincotte) to perform the technical tests.

On top of this, we also check on the durability of the product. In 2009, we performed a freeze test. The temperature dropped to -17°C, but our Wavesurfer still worked perfectly! Besides freezing temperatures, the Wavesurfer can also stand hours of sunshine: all its parts are UV-resistant.

 In short, there are no limits to our possibilities! Contact us now for more information.  
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